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Rakesh Yadav Publication is the one shop for information, books, magazines and problem solving techniques. Rakesh Yadav Publication, launched in year 2012, has since grown to become one of the most selling books for competitive examinations and it has been widely acknowledged by students and various teachers for good results.


These books start from basic concepts and progress covering various solved examples with detailed explanations to each and every question. Author has tried to give essence of each competitive examination by including questions from various previous years’ examinations. Furthermore, numerous problems on each topic have been provided for brain storming. Covering these topics level by level will help you to build your confidence in mathematics and score excellent in exams.


Mission of Rakesh Yadav Publication is to ensure mathematics learning of the highest quality is being delivered to each and every student. Every aspect of mathematics education is also infused and provided with the help of strategic use of technology so that students from remote areas can also access to our guidance and resources for developing their interest in mathematics and taking their learning to new level.


Rakesh Yadav Publication’s books are best known for their error free contents, variety of questions which have been asked in previous years examinations, diagram solutions for better visualization, questions of every level and these questions have been strategically designed to cater needs of every students. These books will help you to take you all the way through basics of Mathematics to advanced level in no time with crystal clear concepts in each topic.